Are you looking for an interesting free game? If you're into "Tetris," you'll love this game too!


Here's an interesting free browser game!
The rules are simple! Just pile the colorful blocks high!
Simple looking but surprisingly addictive?
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🔈This game does not make any sound, so it is safe to open it on the train.

What kind of game is BlockStack?

BlockStack" is a game in which players simply stack colorful blocks one after the other, higher and higher.

Explanation of game rules

The game rules are super simple! Stack the blocks high, one after another, When a block collapses with a "crash", the game is over.
How to operate
Easy operation, just tap the screen to drop the block. On a PC, you can also use the space key to drop a block.

A time-saving casual game that takes only a few minutes to finish quickly!

Category : Indie Games, Homebrew Games

Genre : Block Drop Game

Playing time : The highest time someone has ever played for about an hour.

Operating environment : iOS, Android, PC, etc. (Please use the latest OS version possible.)

If you are experiencing choppy operation with iOS Safari, try turning off "Power Saving Mode"!

What kind of people make it?

This game was created by taizo1988 as a personal development.

What is this game made of?

This is a JS-based game created with an open source game framework called "Phaser3". Phaser3

I have also created other works like this.

The kind of art that you can look at in a blank mind. I tried to create a digital art work that you can empty your head and watch it all the time. You just watch in a daze as they fall and time passes.
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I made a game "BlockStack" in which blocks are stacked on top of each other! 我制作了一款关于积木堆叠的游戏 BlockStack! ブロックを積み上げていくゲーム「BlockStack」